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About Making and Filming

There is a lot to organize when you take on the endeavor of producing video. Here are some tips, and explanations regarding certain parts of the process:

Makeup Wardrobe & Styling: It is important to have a theme and style developed based off of the facts of your script. You will need to have someone on hand to help implement the styling during the shoot. If you can handle it on your own, then so be it.

It is always best to have more than one camera when shooting a video. Shooting in Different angles really helps develop the character of your screenplay. It is up to you to decide the best angles to shoot at and what shooting at a specific angle will achieve. If you only have one camera, you can film at one angle first, and then try a different angle for the same scene.

Post-production editing will be necessary to make cuts of your film at the very least. If you are able to get your hands on and use video editing software, then the limit to what you can do with your footage is only limited by your ability and knowledge.

Finding your locations where you would like to shoot is vital! Make sure that you receive proper clearance before filming on private property, or public land.


Youtube Video Promotion Review

Once you reach this stage you will be very excited! Promoting a video which you have produced or taken part in is rewarding. I have promoted many videos, and am constantly promoting videos for clients. You can really benefit from this type of promotion if you are looking to gain a new audience. There are many ways to promote your video on your own. Blogs, social media such as Facebook and Twitter are both great places to reach your current circle. If you need to find ways to get more people from different demographics to view your video, then working with a promotion company may be the best option for you to expand your video’s reach, or spread your message over more territory.

What is the best way to promote your videos on Youtube? Can I pay someone to view my video? In my years I have found that people are more receptive to something if you offer incentive. How wonderful would it be if millions of people just automatically found your video, watched it and liked it? Sadly, the world does not work like this, and in order for you to reach your goal, you have to be willing to experiment, and put yourself out there.

Here are my experiences from different Video Promotion companies and services:

This site is very appealing. The interface is easy to use. The bidding for view system they have in place seems like it would work for your video when you first start, stating catered engagement. Easy to bid, I emailed them with questions and ended up waiting a couple days for response. These views are slow to show up. I wouldn’t recommend trying to make your video go viral or getting a large, substantial amount of views with this service alone. If you just want a few catered views then you may be pleased to pay quite a lot for not as many views.

Site is easily navigable, but seems clunky on inner pages. Views happen after you pay. Usually pretty quickly. Don’t expect a quick response from someone if you have questions. Their view orders do not include likes and comments like some of the other providers. Their charges for likes and comments are actually really costly, and pricing schedule doesn’t seem fit for the proper video ratio. The comments are of a good quality. You will need to pay more if you want your video to have the necessary likes and comments.

The website is clean and easily navigable. Many promotion services offered. Easy to buy. I talked to a rep and They took the time to develop an outreach campaign with me for my videos, citing that audience is important. Views showed up quickly and soon after started to climb! Great success. This place has the best customer service, I was able to contact them via email or toll free number, and immediately get a rep on the phone. Very helpful and courteous staff took time to answer my questions, and talk with me about my videos and goals. Also, it is nice that their view orders come with likes and comments which really bring value to your video. The comments are very good, and likes show up right away. Great full service promotion!

I came to this site I bought views on many videos using this site. At first it was good. Views showed up, then the counter froze, which concerned me, but they said it was normal. A couple weeks later, to my dismay, one of my videos had been removed by youtube. This is not acceptable. I come to find out that a lot of people who ordered from them had their videos deleted! I’m so glad I didn’t spend a huge amount to them, only to have my video deleted. They were not very receptive when confronted about my video. I think they must have had a lot of lost videos. They are based in the Czech Republic, and their orders section of the site is currently down.

Producing your Video (Film Stage)

Producing video is a very involved process, as you probably already know. You must either own your own gear, pay to rent gear, or pay a professional company. Either way you choose, you will be spending quite a lot of money. Gear is very expensive, some people spend hundreds, others spend thousands, and professional companies spend millions. Let’s say bare minimum you have a camera on your iphone. The specifications of an iphone 5 are actually robust enough to achieve satisfactory results depending on your needs.

You will need the following for your video production:

Script- written or memorized sequence of events which tell your story

Actors & Actresses- Paid or volunteer people you choose to ask to take part in your project

Makeup, Wardrobe, Props, – are also optional

Writers, directors, producers, are of utmost importance as well.



Video Production Software

After you have taken video footage you will need to edit it using one of the following software programs:

Adobe Creative Suite

Sony Vegas


After Effects


Final Cut Pro

You can easily learn one of these programs through college courses, or by simply immersing yourself with the software after you purchase it. You may need to hire a professional company to achieve fast, quality video editing.

Expressing Oneself through Visuals and Videos


It is so important to express yourself as a human being in this world. There are so many options for creative outlets such as making art, writing, poetry, music, singing, cartoons, movies, watching sports, comedy, theatre, etc. all wonderful ways to express oneself. Whatever your career or hobby, you take them very seriously. Promoting what you are passionate about- sharing with the world your passions, is vital to the human condition. Whether you are passionate about baking to alternative energy and everything under the sun, there are so many rewarding ways to spread the word, and share with people across the globe. Whatever it is that you have to share and contribute, it is full of heart and soul.

A great way to share what you are passionate about with a broad audience is making videos for people to watch. Visuals and Video are becoming popular ways to express great ideas to a vast audience. Producing video is a wonderful way to promote yourself and/or your product/idea.  Maybe you have a strong passion for cartooning, or you are a performer trying break out of your shell. Great places to upload your videos are Vimeo, Youtube, your website or blog. Once you get your videos uploaded, then you can start promoting them. Promoting your Youtube videos is important so that you may find more people to share your ideas with.